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Mathey College Office

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Mathey Common Room

Common Room

The Mathey Common Room is located in Lower Madison Hall (and connected both to Hamilton and Holder Halls). This beautiful room has comfortable sofas and chairs, a ping pong table, and a baby grand piano. Like other Mathey buildings, wireless internet service is accessible within the common room. Except when reserved for a formal event, the Mathey common room is open for student use. 




Mathey-Rocky Theater

Mathey and Rockefeller Colleges share a theater which is located next to the Classroom, inside the Rockefeller Common Room foyer and up the stairs on the right. The theater has been upgraded and computerized with high quality sound, film, DVD and video equipment. It is used for film screenings, plays and lectures. This air conditioned space can be reserved through the Mathey College Office. No food or drinks are allowed in the theater. 



Firestone Room

Mathey and Rockefeller Colleges share a library, which occupies the ground floor of lower Madison Hall (right underneath the Mathey dining hall). The entrance to the library is located in the archway that runs between Hamilton and Lower Madison Halls. (This archway is visible from University Place.) The library is a popular study space with well lit tables, comfortable chairs, and a quiet atmosphere. It has a a wide selection of current magazines along with copies of some daily newspapers. The books, reference materials, magazines, and newspapers are non-circulating; we ask that they remain in the library so that everyone can enjoy them. 



The Mathey/Rocky Classroom holds up to approximately 30 people. It is located just inside the Rockefeller Common Room and up the stairs (next to the theater). This room is media equipped and can be reserved through the Mathey College Office.




Private Dining Room

Private Dining Room

Mathey’s Private Dining Room, located right beneath the main dining hall, holds approximately 35-40 people comfortably. It is used for special lunches and dinners and must be reserved through the college office. The Head of Mathey College hosts special lunches in the middle of each week with speakers from the Princeton community who speak about topics of current research, events in the news, or hobbies and other interests. Students are encouraged to attend these special lunches.

The room is outfitted with a ceiling projector, a portable projector, a projection screen (controlled by a wall box), and a movable blackboard. This room is kept locked when not in use.


Firestone Meeting Room

Firestone Room

The Firestone Meeting Room is located just around the corner from the Mathey Private Dining Room (and the back of the Mathey/Rocky library) and is accessible by a lock code, which students can obtain from the College Office. The room is often in use by Mathey and Rocky students for book readings, meetings, and quiet study.



Game Room

Joline Game Room

Joline Game Room


Located in the basement of Joline Hall, between the 1st and 2nd entryways, the Game Room is an excellent place to relax and enjoy ping pong, pool, or foosball. It is also equipped with a Blue Ray player and a 70” TV.

There is an adjoining TV room that has a 70” TV with a Blu-ray player and that is furnished with comfortable seating. There is a lock code on the door to the Game Room. Students should check with their RCA or the college office for the code.

Edwards Hall Lounge & Recording Studio

Edwards Hall lounge

The Edwards Hall Lounge is another location to enjoy TV or just relax. It is located in the basement of Edwards Hall and has a lock code. Inside the lounge, there is a separate room outfitted as a recording studio.  We ask that students leave each of these rooms in good condition. Please contact the college office if supplies are low or if the equipment is damaged.




Blair Hall kitchen

There are several kitchens throughout Mathey College which are equipped with a stove, oven and refrigerators. The college provides cleaning supplies for each kitchen, however kitchens are not equipped with pots, pans, utensils, etc. Those are the individual responsibility of each student using the kitchen.
Blair – ground floor, 8th entryway
Edwards – ground floor
Hamilton – ground floor, 5th entryway
Joline – ground floor, 5th entryway

The Blair and Edwards kitchens are unlocked; the Joline kitchen is accessible through a lock code, and access to the Hamilton kitchen can be arranged through the College Administrator. Rules for use of the kitchens are posted in each space, and students must abide by them and keep the spaces clean.

Seminar Rooms

Seminar room

The college has two beautiful seminar rooms. The Blair Hall seminar room (T3 Blair) is located over Blair Arch on the third floor. Freshman Seminars are taught in this space. The room is media equipped and is locked when not in use.






Study Rooms

Study Room

In addition to the Mathey/Rocky Library (see above), there are three other study rooms in Mathey:  

Blair Hall, 11th entryway (basement)
Joline Hall, 1st entryway, (basement)
Joline Hall, 6th entryway (basement)

Lock codes to the Joline study rooms are available through students' RCAs.





Dark Room

Dark Room

The Dark Room is located in the basement of Blair Hall between the 5th and 6th entryways. Users are responsible for their own supplies of paper. The College will supply chemicals, etc. To access the dark room, students can check out a key with the college office.







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