Cooking Classes

Cooking club dinnerBeginning in 2010, Mathey students organized a "Cooking Club."  In the years since then, the group has ventured into everything from luscious chocolate desserts and make-your-own parfaits, to more adventurous meals such as Alsatian cheese fondue, Caribbean cuisine (jerk chicken, beef empanadas, fried plantains, virgin Caribbean Crush drinks) and chicken Hyderadabi biryani and mirch ka salan (chili pepper curry).


Cooking classesSince 2014, Mathey has invited local chef Liz Harcharek to offer a series of classes in the spring semester on "Basic Culinary Techniques" -- such as preparing one-pot meals (meat -based and veggie), fish dishes, & quiche.

Keep an eye out for advertisements of both of these opportunities!