Tessa Desmond

  • Associate Research Scholar, Program in American Studies
Phone: 609-258-7725
Office: 322 Aaron Burr Hall

Michael Dickman

  • Lecturer in Creative Writing and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Phone: 609-258-1343

Ted Dima

  • Public Safety

Jacob Dlamini

  • Assistant Prof. of History
  • AB Adviser
Phone: 609-258-3394

Jill Dolan

  • Dean of the College
  • Annan Professor in English
Phone: 609-258-3040

Jeff Dolven

  • Professor of English
Phone: 609-258-4077

Robert Dondero

  • Lecturer in Computer Science
Phone: 609-258-2211

Yaacob Dweck

  • Prof. of History
Phone: 609-258-6997

Jeffrey Edelstein

  • Research Affiliate
  • Center for the Arts & Cultural Policy Studies
  • The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Henry Farber

  • Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics.
Phone: 609-258-4044