Ryan Golant '20

Email Address: 

Concentration: Astrophysical Sciences

Certificates: Applications of Computing

Hey Mathey! I'm Ryan, a senior from Falls Church, Virginia, pursuing a major in Astrophysics and a certificate in Computer Science. In addition to being a PAA, I'm a tutor for the McGraw Center, the treasurer for Finding the Match (a Pace Center group dedicated to helping individuals with blood cancers or other ailments that necessitate bone marrow or stem cell transplants), a general member of the Princeton University Art Museum's Student Advisory Board, and a member of Princeton's Quiz Bowl team. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, looking at art, listening to classical and hip hop music (and poorly attempting to write some music of my own), and reading Wikipedia. I look forward to advising you all this year! Feel free to ask me anything--I'm always more than happy to help!

Favorite Courses: 

COS226 ("Algorithms and Data Structures"): A wonderfully taught class containing incredibly interesting and important material. Some of the algorithms covered were truly beautiful, and the class assignments did a fantastic job of illustrating the power and applicability of such algorithms;

COM332 ("Who Owns This Sentence? Copyright Culture from the Romantic Era to the Age of the Internet"): A perfect blend of history, comparative literature, law, technology, and other contemporary issues involving intellectual property. This class boldly highlighted the oft-underappreciated role of IP in modern society in a way that was engaging for students of all majors, from English to Computer Science;

PHY205 ("Classical Mechanics"): A great introduction to theoretical physics via the (pretty mind-blowing) Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of classical mechanics.