Alex Jiang '20

Molecular Biology
Email Address:

Concentration: Molecular Biology

Certificate: Global Health Program (GHP)

Hi y’all! I’m so happy to serve as a PAA for Mathey this coming year! I’m from North Jersey (so like an hour and a half away from here by car) where we say cawfee and wuter. On campus, I’m involved with the Scholars Institute Fellows Program (SIFP) as a Head Fellow and the Princeton Tigers Nutrition Initiative. Off-campus, I volunteer at the Princeton Medical Center. Just for fun, I usually watch YouTube and BuzzFeed vids and enjoy running and working out.

Favorite Course:

CHM/MOL 542: If you can take this course, I would strongly recommend. The course itself is listed as a grad-level course, and the title seems daunting, but speak with Prof. Hecht. Hopefully, he will convince you that protein structure and design can be intuitive and most importantly interesting! .

JRN 449: International News-Migration Reporting—Taught by Deb Amos, who covers the Middle East for NPR. Really opened my eyes to the severity of the global migration crisis and the workings of journalism. Includes trips to Canada and New Haven to interview refugees and those involved with refugee resettlement. 

Fun Facts: I can speak/understand (to some degree) 5 languages: English (I would hope!), Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Fuzhounese (a dialect found in Southeast Asia, where my family is from). I was born in Manhattan, but due to extenuating circumstances, I was raised by my aunt and uncle in Fuzhou (where we speak the dialect) until I was four-years old. Afterwards, situations improved, and I began learning English and acclimating to the American culture. I am the biggest fan of Lauv and will be seeing him at his concert!