Alison Shim '19

Email Address:

Concentration: Economics

Certificate: Political Economy

Welcome to Princeton, Matheyites!! My name is Alison and I'm from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. I'm an Economics major pursuing a certificate in Political Economy and I'm so excited to be a PAA in the best residential college around  On campus I'm a part of an investing group called Tiger Capital Management, am the Treasurer for USG, and tutor math at the Mcgraw Center.  I love cooking (particularly of the baking variety), listening to music, and spending time with my friends and family.   

Favorite courses:

DAN207 - Introduction to Ballet: I've heard every dance class at Princeton is amazing and I was lucky enough to get into this one! No dance experience necessary - this class is an amazing opportunity to embrace your graceful side and even take free trips to NYC to see professional ballet.  

CLA255 - Conceptions of Evil: a super intriguing subject with one of the most engaging professors I've had at Princeton! 

HIS270 - Asian American History: Beth Lew-Williams is an amazing lecturer and it was great to learn about such an enriching and thought-provoking subject that I had never gotten the chance to learn about before.