Andrew Hersh ‘18

Email Address:

Concentration: Economics


Hi everyone!  I’m a senior from Brooklyn, NY concentrating in economics.  I’m also pre-med, and this combination has given me unique access to a wide range of subjects.  There are so many fascinating classes here at Princeton – I only wish I had more time to take them all!  In addition to being a Peer Academic Advisor, I serve as a head tutor at the McGraw Center and I am involved with the Center for Jewish Life.  When I’m not busy with school, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, riding my bike, or going to the gym.  If you have any questions about choosing courses, paths to declare a major, or need any form of academic advice, I would be more than happy to lend a hand and help out!


Favorite Courses:

  • WWS 307 – Public Economics: a fantastic course that integrates public policy and economic analysis to investigate issues of equity and efficiency in the economy
  • CHM303/304B – Organic Chemistry with Biological Emphasis: a challenging but fascinating course that will shape the way you think and solve problems while explaining precisely how molecules react in the world around us
  • ECO202 – Statistics and Data Analysis: a dynamic course applicable to nearly all majors that introduces you to important concepts and tools in data analysis and helps you think critically about published studies
  • MOL345 – Biochemistry: this course integrates all of your biology and chemistry knowledge in a satisfying manner to explain precisely how our bodies and cells function