Andrew Leifer

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Welcome to Mathey College! I am an assistant professor of Physics and Neuroscience who came to Princeton in 2012. Before that I studied biophysics at Harvard and double-majored in Physics and Political Science at Stanford. At Princeton I usually teach precepts for freshman physics in the Fall and an advanced undergraduate course in neuroscience in the Spring. In the past I have also taught the laboratory component of the freshman Integrated Science course. My research group studies how neural networks in the the brain of a small worm called C. elegans processes information and generates movements. We use techniques from physics, neuroscience and bioengineering to record or manipulate neurons in the animal's brain as it crawls. I also have been involved in side projects developing medical devices to help treat COVID patients. I have broad interests and am happy to chat about science, policy, life at Princeton or anything else! Please reach out and get in touch.

Research interests:  Neural circuits, behavior, biophysics, optics, computer vision

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