Austin Mejia '21

Email Address:
Concentration: Independent Concentration: Computer Science and Public Policy
Certificate(s): Entrepreneurship, Dance, Center for Information Technology and Policy
Where I Call Home: Chapel Hill, NC
Ahoy there fellow mooses (Meese? Moosi?)! I'm so incredible excited to have you be part of the Mathey College community this upcoming year. Besides my passion for antlered mammals, I fill most of my time performing musical theater and entrepreneurship. That said, there's almost nothing I haven't tried on this campus at least once, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Some other pastimes include Super Smash Brothers, serving as an unofficial LaCroix brand ambassador, and entering heated debates about why Roma is the best dining hall on campus.
Fun facts:
1. I can freestyle rap!
2. I don't like snakes. But if you happen to be the first snake ever accepted to Princeton, I will overcome my fear. For you <3