Avanthi Cole '18

African American Studies
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Concentration: African American Studies

Hi everyone!  My name is Avanthi Cole and I am a proud townie, living 3 whole miles away from campus.  I am concentrating in African American Studies with a focus in the Race and Public Policy subfield, and I am also pre-law.  On campus, I am the founder and president of The Motown Sound, a group dedicated to performing one of my favorite genres of music, Motown.  During my time at Princeton, I’ve also been a member of the Princeton University Glee Club and the Black Student Union.  In my free time, I love spending time with my roommates, singing, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends.  Feel free to ask me anything about the pre-law track or concentrating/earning a certificate in the African American Studies department!  Also, until October of my junior year, I was a Molecular Biology major and pre-med, so I’d love to share my experience in those fields, as well as my decision to do a complete 180 and concentrate in the social sciences.

Favorite Classes:

AAS247 – The New Jim Crow: US Crime Policy from Constitutional Formation to Ferguson

I took this course in my freshman spring, and it was hands-down my favorite class I’ve ever taken at Princeton.  The New Jim Crow was the first class I had ever taken in the African American Studies department, and it was one of the biggest reasons I eventually decided to concentrate in AAS.  It was a phenomenal course that looked at race and crime policy from a legal and political perspective.

SPA209 – Spanish Language and Culture through Cinema

A fantastic Spanish course to take for two main reasons, 1. Your Spanish speaking skills will skyrocket, 2. You get to watch movies for homework!

ANT403 – Race and Medicine

This was a phenomenal course that focused on how race impacts the treatment of patients, the behavior of doctors, and the way the American healthcare system benefits some and hurts others.  It opened up my mind to a lot of new concepts and viewpoints I had never considered before.

HIS393 – Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America

This class looked at how drugs and identity influence one another, and how societal perceptions of substances and users inform policy-makers’ decisions to condone, restrict, or prohibit certain drugs.  I thought this class was particularly fascinating because even though it focused on the United States, it still took a global perspective in that we learned about how immigration has impacted drug culture since the 19th century.