Cosmin Andrei '22

Email Address:

Concentration: Physics

Certificates: Applied and Computational Mathematics, Applications of Computing

Hello everyone! My name is Cosmin, I’m a sophomore and an international student from Romania, residing in a small city a couple miles away from the castle of the legendary Count Dracula. I am a physics major, pursuing certificates in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Applications of Computing. On campus, I am a McGraw Tutor, a member of Sympoh - Princeton University’s only freestyle hip-hop dance company -, and I also used to be a tour guide for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences back in the days when I was an Electrical Engineering major. In my free time I enjoy playing badminton, reading entrepreneurship related books, dancing, playing board games with my friends and going to the gym.  Please feel free to reach out if you need any advice, or just want to talk about different aspects of life!

What's a favorite memory from your first year at Princeton?

I have many equally favorite memories from my first year at Princeton, but if I were to pick one, it would be about the time that I spent with my Community Action group. I was amazed by how students from so many different backgrounds could become like a family in just a matter of days.