Daniel Wood '18

Computer Science (BSE)
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Concentration: Computer Science (B.S.E)


Study Abroad: Institute of Nanobiology and Structural Biology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (International Internship Program, Summer 2015)


Hey Mathey! I’m a senior in the Computer Science department and member of the Program in Entrepreneurship from Dover, MA. I originally entered Princeton as a Chemical and Biological Engineering major, but switched after taking COS 126 (I’d never written a line of code before coming to Princeton). I’ve enrolled in a wide variety of courses, from Music and Anthropology to Politics and Entrepreneurship. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding switching majors, choosing a diverse course load, studying abroad, applying to internships, or fulfilling engineering requirements! As your PAA, I’m available year-round to offer academic (and non-academic) advice, as well as encouragement throughout the semester.


Apart from advising in Mathey, I’m a very active musician on campus. I play the violin and saxophone in the Princeton University Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra. Additionally, I am the President of Orange Key (the tour guide association) and an active member of the Keller Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have, even if you’re not one of my zees. If you don’t have any questions, I’d love to grab a coffee, hear what you’re interested in, and welcome you to Mathey!


Favorite Courses:

FRS 151—Stanley Katz: Philanthropy: Can we save the world through generosity?

  • The goal of the seminar was to give away $50,000 to nonprofit organizations!

ANT 335—Joao Biehl: Medical Anthropology

  • Professor Biehl has done extensive anthropological field work in South America, and he is the chair of the Global Health Certificate.

EGR 201—Kef Kasdin and Ed Zschau: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

  • Each week the class analyzed a start-up case and invited executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitals to present to the class. I turned my final project into a start-up at the Keller Center!

MUS 242—Donnacha Dennehy: Music Since 1945

  • Professor Dennehy is an award winning opera composer, and I had the opportunity to listen to contemporary music and analyze the scores in this seven person seminar.

Contact me: Email me at dewood@princeton.edu to grab a meal anytime in Mathey!