Abraham Cruz '21

Joline Hall
Entryway 4
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Concentration: Woodrow Wilson School 

Certificate(s): Entrepreneurship & French

Welcomeeeeee to the Moose family! If y'all can't already tell, my name is Abraham Cruz-Peña, not abe :), and I was born and raised in the blistering heat at the southernmost tip of the U.S. of A. (Mission, Texas!). When I'm not procrastinating my work, I love: socializing way too much for my own good (In different languages ;) ), dancing Salsa/Bachata with Mas Flow (Latin dance company!), netflix/HBO (GoT, Money Heist?!) and playing squash/soccer or lifting weights at the gym! I work for the Office of Career Services, Dillon Gym, and Princeton Tutoring AND stay grounded by volunteering outside Princeton (and friends)!

Where I call home: South Texas

Fun facts:

Surprise: I don't drink coffee!! (but, Adrenaline junky galore)

I studied abroad in the South of France last summer

Worked at a tech startup this summer (When you are ready -> ask me about my experiences, so I can hopefully help y'all find some cool summer plans tailored for you!)

most importantly, I'm FLI!!!