Chloe Horner '22

Email Address:

Concentration: Politics

Certificate(s): American Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Music Theatre

Hey Mathey Meese! I can't wait to welcome you to the most beautiful residential college on campus this fall! I'm a junior in the Politics department, but I also love music -- I am part of several choirs and theatre groups around campus, such as the Glee Club, the Chapel choir, Princeton University Players, and Princeton Opera Company. In my free time you can find me taking a hike, watching Disney movies and Rom-Coms with friends, or playing the piano in Woolworth and Effron practice rooms. My door is always open for any questions about campus or just to chat -- come join me any time!

Where I call home: Charlottesville, VA

Fun facts:

I saved a baby squirrel who fell out of its nest at Princeton last year! Chester is now safely on a wildlife reserve.