Sigrid Adriaenssens

  • Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: 609-258-4661
Email: sadriaen@princeton.edu

Ilhan Aksay

  • Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Phone: 609-258-4393
Email: iaksay@princeton.edu

Raphael C. Allison

  • Lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program
Email: rcalliso@princeton.edu

April Alliston

  • Professor of Comparative Literature
Phone: 609-258-4028
Email: alliston@princeton.edu

Deb Amos

  • The Council of Humanities
  • Visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: amos@princeton.edu

Achilleas Antoniades

  • Community Fellow
Email: aachilles3@gmail.com

Kristin Appelget

  • Director
  • Community and Regional Affairs
Phone: 609-258-3018
Email: appelget@princeton.edu

Nathan Arrington

  • Associate Professor
  • Classical Archaeology
Phone: 609-258-1322
Email: nta@princeton.edu

David August

  • Professor of Computer Science
Phone: 609-258-2085
Email: august@princeton.edu

Daniel Bauer

  • Community Fellow
Email: danbauerpr@gmail.com

Megan Baumhammer

  • Grad Fellow
  • History of Science
Phone: 809-673-8874
Email: baumhammer@princeton.edu

Suzanne Bellan

  • Office of Finance and Treasury
  • Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives
Phone: 609-258-4634
Email: bellan@princeton.edu

Yan Bennett

  • Manager
  • Center on Contemporary China
Phone: 609-258-7149
Email: ybennett@princeton.edu

Joshua Billings

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Classics
Phone: 609-258-3959
Email: jhbillings@princeton.edu

Paula Brooks

  • Graduate Student
  • Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Email: ppacheco@princeton.edu

Benjy Burditt

  • Community Fellow
Email: benjyburditt@gmail.com

David Buschman

  • Chaplain
  • Athletes in Action
Phone: 609-258-1511
Email: busch@princeton.edu

Pat Byrne

  • Undergraduate Coordinator, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Email: pbyrne@princeton.edu

Margot Canaday

  • Associate Prof. of History
Phone: 609-258-6406
Email: mcanaday@princeton.edu

Brandice Canes-Wrone

  • Prof. of Politics and Public Affairs
  • Vice Dean, WWS
Phone: 609-258-9047
Email: bcwrone@princeton.edu

Kent Cao

  • Graduate Student
  • Department of Art and Archaeology
Phone: 609-258-1460
Email: kentc@princeton.edu

Miguel Centeno

  • Professor of Sociology & International Affairs
  • Chair, Department of Sociology
Phone: 609-258-4452
Email: cenmiga@princeton.edu

Nick Chiles

  • Visiting Lecturer in The Council of the Humanities. Ferris Professor of Journalism.
Email: nchiles@princeton.edu

Calvin Chin

  • Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • University Health Services
Phone: 609-258-3141
Email: cc23@princeton.edu

Ho Jung Choi

  • Acting Director, Korean Language Program
Phone: 609-258-8345
Email: hochoi@princeton.edu

Elizabeth Christopherson

  • Community Fellow
Email: ec@ritaallen.org

Nancy Coffin

  • Senior Lecturer in Near Eastern Studies.
Phone: 609-258-1513
Email: ncoffin@princeton.edu

Gilbert Collins

  • Director of Global Health Programs
  • Assoc. Director, Center for Health and Wellbeing
Phone: 609-258-8271
Email: gcollins@princeton.edu

Charlotte Collins

  • Associate Director
  • Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Phone: 609-258-0164

Karla Cook

  • Staff Fellow
  • Program Mgr., Princeton Food Studies
Email: karlac@princeton.edu

Joel Cooper

  • Professor of Psychology
Phone: 609-258-4464
Email: jcoops@princeton.edu

Douglas Coppola

  • Assistant Coach
  • Women's Open Rowing
Phone: 609-258-6373
Email: scoppola@princeton.edu

Christina Corsiglia

  • Community Fellow
Email: christinacorsiglia@gmail.com

Kathleen Crown

  • Executive Director
  • Humanities Council
Phone: 609-258-4719
Email: kcrown@princeton.edu

Nijah Cunningham

  • Costen Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Lecturer, African American Studies and English
Phone: 609-258-1386
Email: nijahc@princeton.edu

Dave Davis

  • Senior Pastor
  • Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton
Email: Dave.davis@nassauchurch.org

Daniel Day

  • Assistant Vice President for Communications
Phone: 609-258-6108
Email: dday@princeton.edu

Daniele De Feo

  • Lecturer in French and Italian
Email: danieled@princeton.edu

Laura De Olden

  • Associate Director of Graduate Student Life and Diversity Initiatives
  • Director of Junior Summer Institute
Phone: 609-258-8979
Email: lolden@princeton.edu

Luc Deike

  • Assistant Professor of MAE
Email: ldeike@princeton.edu

Lisa DePaul

  • Associate Director for Engagement
  • Housing and Real Estate Services, University Services
Phone: 609-258-2517
Email: ldepaul@princeton.edu

Tessa Desmond

  • Associate Research Scholar, Program in American Studies
Phone: 609-258-7725
Email: tdesmond@princeton.edu
Office: 322 Aaron Burr Hall

Michael Dickman

  • Lecturer in Creative Writing and the Lewis Center for the Arts
Phone: 609-258-1343
Email: mdickman@princeton.edu

Ted Dima

  • Public Safety
Email: tdima@princeton.edu

Jacob Dlamini

  • Assistant Prof. of History
  • AB Adviser
Phone: 609-258-3394
Email: jdlamini@princeton.edu

Jill Dolan

  • Dean of the College
  • Annan Professor in English
Phone: 609-258-3040
Email: jsdolan@princeton.edu

Jeff Dolven

  • Professor of English
Phone: 609-258-4077
Email: jdolven@princeton.edu

Robert Dondero

  • Lecturer in Computer Science
Phone: 609-258-2211
Email: rdondero@princeton.edu

Yaacob Dweck

  • Prof. of History
  • AB Adviser
Phone: 609-258-6997
Email: jdweck@princeton.edu

Jeffrey Edelstein

  • Research Affiliate
  • Center for the Arts & Cultural Policy Studies
  • Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs
Email: edelsten@princeton.edu

Will Englund

  • The Council of Humanities
  • Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: wenglund@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Henry Farber

  • Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics.
Phone: 609-258-4044
Email: farber@princeton.edu

Fauzia Farooqui

  • Lecturer, South Asian Studies
Phone: 609-258-8324
Email: fauzia@princeton.edu

Harold Feiveson

  • Community Fellow
Email: feiveson@princeton.edu

Susan Fiske

  • Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
Phone: 609-258-0655
Email: sfiske@Princeton.edu

Jane Flint

  • Community Fellow
Email: jflint@princeton.edu

Harriet Flower

  • Andrew Fleming West Professor in Classics
Phone: 609-258-5572
Email: hflower@princeton.edu

Michael Flower

  • Professor of Classics
Phone: 609-258-8573
Email: mflower@princeton.edu

Jim Floyd

  • Community Fellow
Email: jafloyd@hotmail.com

Devin Fore

  • Professor of German
Phone: 609-258-4146
Email: dfore@princeton.edu

Claire Fowler

  • Senior Associate Dean of the College
  • Office of the Dean of the College
Phone: 609-258-5519
Email: cmfowler@princeton.edu

Kim Frawley

  • Sr Assoc Dir/Regional Affairs.
  • Office of Alumni Affairs
Phone: 609-258-7001
Email: kfrawley@princeton.edu

Matthew Frawley

  • Senior Associate Director, Career Education
  • Career Services
Email: mfrawley@princeton.edu

Rebecca Friedman

  • Assistant Librarian, Marquand Library
Phone: 609-258-3163
Email: rfriedma@princeton.edu

Lorraine Fuhrmann

  • Department Manager
  • Department of Religion
Phone: 609-258-6715
Email: fuhrmann@princeton.edu

Adam M. Goldstein

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School.
Phone: 609-258-8741
Email: amg5@princeton.edu

Carol Gould

  • Community Fellow
Phone: 609-258-3872
Email: cgg@princeton.edu

James Gould

  • Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Emeritus
Phone: 609-258-3872
Email: gould@princeton.edu

Andrea Graham

  • Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Phone: 609-258-6703
Email: algraham@princeton.edu

Jonathan Gribetz

  • Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies and the Program in Judaic Studies
Phone: 609-258-7298

Polly Griffin

  • Registrar
  • Office of the Registrar
Phone: 609-258-6191
Email: polly@princeton.edu

Joshua Guild

  • Associate Professor of History and African American Studies
Phone: 609-258-0553
Email: jguild@princeton.edu

Mikko Haataja

  • Professor
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Phone: 609-258-9126
Email: mhaataja@princeton.edu

Bobby Hackett

  • Community Fellow
  • President, The Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation
Email: rhackett1@ME.com

Mary Harper

  • Community Fellow
Phone: 609-258-5479
Email: mharper@princeton.edu

Duncan Harrison

  • Associate Director of Support Services
  • Public Safety
Phone: 609-258-3132
Email: duncanh@princeton.edu

Olga Hasty

  • Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures.
Phone: 609-258-4734
Email: hasty@princeton.edu

Andrew Houck

  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
Phone: 609-258-2571
Email: aahouck@princeton.edu

Kevin Hudson

  • Assistant Director for College Opportunity
  • Office of the Provost.
Phone: 609-258-2781
Email: kchudson@princeton.edu

Hannah Hunter-Parker

  • Graduate Student
  • Department of German
Email: hehunter@princeton.edu

Mara Isaacs

  • Visiting Lecturer in Theater
Phone: 609-258-6503
Email: mlisaacs@princeton.edu

Pico Iyer

  • Visiting Lecturer in The Council of the Humanities. Ferris Professor of Journalism.
Email: picoi@princeton.edu

Anne Jarvis

  • Library-Office of the University Librarian
  • Staff Fellow
Email: ajarvis@princeton.edu

Andrew Johnson

  • Assistant Professor in Anthropology
Phone: 609-258-2186
Email: andrewjohnson@princeton.edu

Antoine Kahn

  • Vice Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
Phone: 609-258-4642
Email: kahn@princeton.edu

Marcy Kahn

  • Community Fellow
Email: MarcyKahn@gmail.com

Nancy Kanach

  • Community Fellow
Email: nancykanach45@gmail.com

Deborah Kaple

  • Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
  • Department of Sociology
Phone: 609-258-9871
Email: dkaple@Princeton.EDU

Robert A Karl

  • Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-7249
Email: rkarl@princeton.edu

Matthew Karp

  • Assistant Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-6858
Email: mjkarp@princeton.edu

Kira Kay

  • The Council of Humanities
  • Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: kay@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Janet Kay

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and History
  • CSLA-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in Late Antiquity
Phone: 609-258-2252
Email: jekay@princeton.edu

Ellen Kent

  • Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • University Health Services.
Phone: 609-258-3285
Email: elkent@princeton.edu

Chad Klaus

  • Vice President
  • University Services.
Phone: 609-258-5498
Email: klaus@princeton.edu

Abby Klionsky

  • Office of the Executive Vice President
  • Project Specialist
Phone: 609-258-1668
Email: klionsky@princeton.edu

Sarah Kocher

  • Associate Research Scholar
  • Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
Email: skocher@princeton.edu

Svetlana Korshunova

  • Lecturer in Slavic Languages and Literature
Phone: 258-2199
Email: sk22@princeton.edu

Joshua Kotin

  • Associate Professor of English
Phone: 609-258-6846
Email: jkotin@princeton.edu

Emmanuel Kreike

  • Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-4155
Email: kreike@princeton.edu

Sun-Yuan Kung

  • Professor of Electrical Engineering
Phone: 609-258-3780
Email: kung@princeton.edu

Maggie Kurkoski

  • Art and Archaeology
  • Graduate Student Fellow
Email: kurkoski@princeton.edu

Andrew Leifer

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physics & the Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Phone: 609-258-2973
Email: leifer@princeton.edu

Jaysen LeSage

  • Senior IT Manager
  • Office of the Dean of the College
Phone: 609-258-2882
Email: jlesage@princeton.edu

Kai Li

  • Paul M. Wythes '55 P86 and Marcia R. Wythes P86 Professor in Computer Science
Phone: 609-258-4637
Email: li@cs.princeton.edu

Maria Lindenfeldar

  • Community Fellow
  • Creative Director, Princeton University Press
Email: maria_lindenfeldar@press.princeton.edu

Daniel Linke

  • University Archivist & Curator of Public Policy Papers
Phone: 609-258-4333
Email: dlinke@princeton.edu

Mariangela Lisanti

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Physics
Email: mlisanti@princeton.edu

Manuel-Angel Loureiro

  • Community Fellow
Email: loureiro@princeton.edu

Seiichi Makino

  • Professor of East Asian Studies, Emeritus
Phone: 609-258-5365
Email: smakino@princeton.edu

Nancy Malkiel

  • Professor of History, Emeritus
Phone: 609-258-3040
Email: nweiss@princeton.edu

Carolina Mangone

  • Assistant Professor of Art and Archaeology.
Phone: 609-258-5319
Email: mangone@princeton.edu

Meredith Martin

  • Associate Professor of English
Phone: 609-258-1863
Email: mm4@princeton.edu

Rebekah Massengill

  • Associate Dean
  • Office of the Dean of the College.
Phone: 609-258-8197
Email: rmasseng@princeton.edu

Denise Mauzerall

  • Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Public & International Affairs
  • Woodrow Wilson School.
Phone: 609-258-2498
Email: mauzeral@princeton.edu

Lindy McBride

  • Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology & the Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Phone: 609-258-9598
Email: csm7@princeton.edu
Office: M151 Guyot Hall

Megan McCafferty

  • Community Fellow

Kathleen McCleery

  • Council of Humanities
  • Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: kmccleery@princeton.edu
Office: Joseph Henry House

Michael McIntire

  • Visiting Lecturer in The Council of the Humanities
  • Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: mm94@princeton.edu

Atif Mian

  • Theodore A. Wells '29 Professor of Economics & Public Affairs. Director
  • Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance
Phone: 609-258-6718
Email: atif@princeton.edu

Paul Miles

  • Community Fellow
Email: milesp65@yahoo.com

Yair Mintzker

  • Associate Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-8828
Email: mintzker@princeton.edu

Deirdre Moloney

  • Director of Fellowship Advising
  • Office of International Programs
Phone: 609-258-1998
Email: moloney@princeton.edu

Beth Morgan

  • Community Fellow
Email: bethm102001@gmail.com

David Nathan

  • Community Fellow
Email: mail@nathanmd.com

Karen Nathan

  • Community Fellow
  • Health Coach
Email: mail@princetonhealthcoach.com

Russ Nieli

  • Lecturer in Politics
Email: russ.nieli@gmail.com

Kinohi Nishikawa

  • Assistant Professor of English & the Center for African American Studies
Phone: 609-258-6494
Email: kinohin@princeton.edu

Ezra Oberfield

  • Assistant Professor of Economics
  • John Maclean, Jr., Presidential University Preceptor
Phone: 609-258-3846
Email: edo@princeton.edu

Barbara Oberg

  • Community Fellow

James Olsen

  • Professor of Physics
Phone: 609-258-4910
Email: jolsen@princeton.edu

M’hamed Oualdi

  • Assistant Professor
  • Department of Near Eastern Studies and History
Phone: 609-258-8521
Email: moualdi@princeton.edu

Rosalind Parry

  • Lecturer in English
Email: ppacheco@princeton.edu

Thayer Patterson

  • Research Fellow, Global Systems Risk
Email: tspatter@princeton.edu

Kenneth Paulaski

  • Housing Regional Engagement Specialist
Phone: 609-258-3995
Email: kenpaul@Princeton.EDU

Catherine Peters

  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: 609-258-5645
Email: cap@Princeton.EDU

Iasonas Petras

  • Lecturer in Computer Science.
Phone: 609-258-1794
Email: ipetras@princeton.edu

Robert L. Phillips

  • Lecturer in Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, South Asia Studies
Phone: 609-258-1834
Email: rlp2@princeton.edu

Susan Pierson

  • Director of Residential Dining
  • Campus Dining
Phone: 609-258-6678
Email: spierson@Princeton.EDU
Office: 207 26 College Road West

Emily Pronin

  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs
  • Woodrow Wilson School.
Phone: 609-258-8008
Email: epronin@Princeton.EDU

Laura Quick

  • Assistant Professor of Religion and Judaic Studies
Phone: 609-258-9158
Email: lquick@princeton.edu

Thomas Quirk

  • Associate Director
  • Principal Gifts Stewardship
Phone: 609-258-2966
Email: tomquirk@princeton.edu

Kristopher Ramsay

  • Associate Professor of Politics. Robert K. Root University Preceptor.
Phone: 609-258-2960
Email: kramsay@Princeton.EDU

Orlando Reade

  • Graduate Student
  • English Department
Phone: 609-673-1641
Email: osxr@princeton.edu

Laure Resplandy

  • Assistant Professor of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute
Phone: 609-258-9017
Email: laurer@princeton.edu

Jamie Reuland

  • Assistant Professor of Music
Phone: 609-673-4630
Email: jlgreenb@princeton.edu

Khodadad Rezakhani

  • Iran/Persian Gulf Studies
Phone: 609-258-0724
Email: kr5@princeton.edu

Barrie Royce

  • Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Emeritus
Phone: 609-258-4681
Email: bshroyce@Princeton.EDU

Janis Runkle

  • Community Fellow
Email: jrunkle@princeton.edu

Christine Sagnier

  • Senior Lecturer in French and Italian.
Phone: 609-258-2939
Email: csagnier@Princeton.EDU

Matthew Salganik

  • Professor of Sociology.
Phone: 609-258-8867
Email: mjs3@Princeton.EDU

Dvorit Samid

  • Community Fellow
Phone: 609-619-2336
Email: dvorit1@gmail.com

Johan Samsing

  • post doc research
  • Astrophysical Sciences
Email: jsamsing@princeton.edu

Darwin Scott

  • Mendel Music Librarian.
Phone: 609-258-4251
Email: dfscott@Princeton.EDU

Kaushik Sengupta

  • Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering.
Phone: 609-258-5250
Email: kaushiks@princeton.edu

Ashlee Shaw

  • Associate Director, Scholars Institute Fellows Program
  • Programs for Access and Inclusion
Phone: 609-258-8837
Email: ashlee.shaw@princeton.edu

Teresa Shawcross

  • Associate Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-6509
Email: cshawcro@Princeton.EDU

Dan Sheffield

  • Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies
Email: djs5@princeton.edu

Ava Shirazi

  • Lecturer in Classics & Humanistic Studies. Perkins-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow
Email: ashirazi@princeton.edu

Aaron Shkuda

  • Project Manager of the Princeton-Mellon Initiative in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities
Email: ashkuda@princeton.edu

Stacey V. Smith

  • Visiting Lecturer in The Council of the Humanities
  • Ferris Professor of Journalism
Email: svsmith@princeton.edu

Alan Stahl

  • Curator of Numismatics
Phone: 609-258-9127
Email: astahl@Princeton.EDU

Brian Steininger

  • Professor of East Asian Studies
Email: bsteinin@princeton.edu

Joe Stephens

  • Lecturer in The Council of the Humanities. Ferris Professor of Journalism.
  • Faculty in Residence
Phone: 609-258-6946
Email: js5@princeton.edu

Nikitas Tampakis

  • Discovery Infrastructure Developer
Phone: 609-258-3743
Email: tampakis@Princeton.EDU

Jack Tannous

  • Assistant Professor of History.
Phone: 609-258-8349
Email: jtannous@Princeton.EDU

Charles Tennyson

  • Transportation and Parking
Phone: 609-258-7370
Email: ct15@princeton.edu

Mellisa Thompson

  • Associate Dean
  • Office of the Dean of the Undergraduate Students
Phone: 609-258-5615
Email: mellisat@princeton.edu

Trisha Thorme

  • Director
  • Community-Based Learning Initiative
Phone: 609-258-6927
Email: tthorme@Princeton.EDU

Toni Turano

  • Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty
Phone: 258-3024
Email: tturano@Princeton.edu

Erik Vanmarcke

  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Phone: 609-258-5896
Email: evm@Princeton.EDU

Naveen Verma

  • Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering.
Phone: 609-258-1424
Email: nverma@Princeton.EDU

Moulie Vidas

  • Associate Professor of Religion and the Program in Judaic Studies.
Email: mvidas@princeton.edu

Ilya Vinitsky

  • Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures,
Phone: 258-1729
Email: vinitsky@princeton.edu

Hannah Waight

  • Graduate Student
  • Department of Sociology
Email: hwaight@princeton.edu

Wendy Warren

  • Associate Professor of History
Phone: 609-258-7769
Email: wawarren@Princeton.EDU

Omar Wasow

  • Assistant Professor of Politics.
Phone: 609-258-2551
Email: owasow@princeton.edu

Kevin Wayne

  • Sr. Lecturer in Computer Science
  • AB Adviser
Phone: 609-258-4455
Email: wayne.cs.princeton.edu

John Weeren

  • Director, Princeton Writes
Phone: 609-258-8633
Email: jweeren@Princeton.EDU

Nikolaus Wegmann

  • Professor of German
Phone: 609-258-4145
Email: nwegmann@Princeton.EDU

Dov Weinryb Grohsgal

  • Associate Research Scholar
  • Woodrow Wilson School
Email: dweinryb@Princeton.EDU

Susan Wheeler

  • Professor of Creative Writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts
Phone: 609-258-4711
Email: swheeler@Princeton.EDU

Stephanie W. Whetshone

  • Assistant Program Director, Princeton Writes
  • Career Services
Phone: 609-258-9980
Email: s.whetstone@princeton.edu

Barbara White

  • Professor of Music.
Phone: 609-258-1443
Email: bwhite@Princeton.EDU

David Wilcove

  • Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs
  • Woodrow Wilson School
Phone: 609-258-7118
Email: dwilcove@Princeton.EDU

Joshua N. Winn

  • Professor of Astrophysical Sciences
Email: jnwinn@princeton.edu

Beate Witzler

  • Executive Director
  • Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts
Phone: 609-258-2453
Email: bwitzler@Princeton.EDU

Victoria Yu

  • Office of the VP for Campus Life
Phone: 609-258-5494
Email: vy3@princeton.edu