Gail Ivaniski

College Office Coordinator
Office Phone
315 Hamilton Hall

Welcome to your second home here at Mathey College!  I’m coming up on my 27th year here at Mathey and look forward to meeting everyone.  I went to college in Ohio, but my roots are in Mercer County -  Hamilton Square to be exact.  I now live in Bucks County, PA, I have two grown children, and am an avid dog lover.  My daughter Lindsay is 37 and lives her island dream in Hawaii on the little island of Kauai with her husband.  My son Ryan is 34 and after his undergraduate work, he went on to graduate from Second City in Chicago   He continues to do improv at local theatres and is at various comicon's including Tampa comicon this past summer.

In my spare time, I volunteer at my church, enjoy yard work and help with a local tnr (trap/neuter/release) for feral cats.  I am the first person you’ll see in the office and I hope to be able to guide you through some of your needs while you’re here.

Whether it's just for basic directional questions, or to sit and read a magazine in our air-conditioned office, I hope you'll feel free to stop by.

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