Iryna Glushchenko '20

Little Hall / Edwards Hall
Email Address:

Concentration: Physics

Certificate: Applications of Computing

Hello everyone!  My name is Iryna, and I'll be your resident ARCA for Little/Edwards.  My hometown is Colorado Springs, CO, but I'm actually from Kiev.  On campus, I am part of the Princeton Society of Physics Students, and sporadically attend the Swing/Tango/Ballroom classes here.  I am also the co-founder of a new theater group on campus, the Playwright's Guild, which is dedicated to developing and putting on original student works!  In between all that, and trying to stay afloat of the many equations coming my way, I like to take long walks and take more pictures of flowers than is reasonable.  I'll be living in Little 61 this year, so stop by for a cup of tea or coffee any time!

Fun facts:

1. No matter how many books I read (and believe me, it's a lot!), Harry Potter will always be number one.

2. Almost until high school, I was dead set on becoming a ballerina.

3. I've been playing piano for over a decade.