Sonia Gu '22

Email Address:

Concentration: Electrical Engineering

Certificate: Statistics and Machine Learning

Where I Call Home: San Diego, CA

Howdy Mathey Meese!! My name is Sonia and I'm a junior in the electrical engineering department. I'm from sunny San Diego, so I'll probably be constantly reminding my west coast friends to buy a winter coat (lesson learned) ! On campus, I am a co-leader for Princeton Engineering Education for Kids (PEEK), one of the community house projects affiliated with the Pace Center. I also regularly attend Mathey cooking club, which is run by some of the lovely RGSs. When I'm not in class, or trekking to class (Mathey to the e-quad reacts only), you can usually find me in a dining hall eating cereal and doing work.

Fun fact:

According to Spotify, I am in the top 1% of Beatles fans worldwide.