Jackie Dragon '19

Blair Hall
Entryways 10 & 11
Email Address: 

Welcome, Class of 2021, to Princeton and to Mathey College! Mathey has been one of my favorite communities on campus these past two years, and I'm so excited to share this year with you as an RCA. My favorite activities on campus include being a symposiarch and mentor for the HUM Sequence, a certified Wilderness First Responder, and a clarinetist in the Princeton University Band. I've also been an an Outdoor Action Leader and an undergraduate assistant for organic chemistry. I also love blueberries, reading about virology and anything health-related (yep, I'm premed!), learning about current and historical events, and dancing (I don't dance very well, but I can direct you to many accomplished dancers on campus).

Stop by for chocolate and/or conversation; I can't wait to meet you!

Concentration: Chemistry

Certificates: Global Health and Health Policy, Humanistic Studies

Where I call home: New Jersey

Fun Facts:

Did you know? Jackie:

1. loves the seashore.

2. thinks corny puns can only grow on you.

3. is learning American Sign Language (ASL).