Jackie Dragon '19

Blair Hall
Entryways 4 and 5
Email Address: 

Concentration: Chemistry

Certificates: Global Health and Health Policy, Humanistic Studies

Welcome, Class of 2022, to Princeton and to Mathey College! Mathey is one of my favorite communities on campus, and I'm so excited to share this year with you as an RCA. My favorite activities on campus include rock-climbing with children with disabilities as a Peak Potential volunteer, and playing clarinet with the Princeton Universitty Band.  I've also been an Outdoor Action Leader and am an organic chemistry undergraduate assistant and student researcher.  I love blueberries, reading about anything health-related (yep, I'm pre-med!), fun facts about my home state of NJ, baking, and dancing for fun.  Join me for chocolate and/or conversation; I can't wait to meet you!

Fun Facts:

1. I love the seashore.

2. I think corny puns can only grow on you.

3. I enjoy dancing Argentine tango.