Jeremy Du '20

Email Address:
Concentration: Mathematics
Certificate: Statistics and Machine Learning
Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy and I’m from Rockville, MD. On campus, I am involved with Men’s Club Volleyball and Manna Christian Fellowship. Besides those, I also enjoy playing/watching basketball, reading, and (recently) playing poker. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to talk!
Favorite Courses: 
Economics and Computing (COS 445): Fun class, especially if you enjoy problem-solving. You learn about various game theory topics like auctions and cake cutting, and also have to code up strategies that play these games vs. other students.
Chinese Politics (POL 362): Prof. Truex makes sure that this class is always very well-organized and up-to-date - when I took it in Fall 2017, some lectures followed the CPC National Congress as it was being held. A great class, even if you know nothing about China and/or politics.