Joshua Murray '18

Campbell Hall
Entryways 5 & 6
Email Address:

So you've knocked on my door, and I'm not in to talk... You think to yourself, "That's odd, I didn't realise Josh did anything on campus..." Well I do, and here a few places you may find me:

  • Guyot Hall: (That's the building south of Frist, with the gargoyles on the front and the Allosaurus inside). This is a prime location for looking at rocks.
  • The Bloomberg Basement: This is where the Princeton University Rock Ensemble practices. I play bass guitar, so if you hear the occasional wrong note reverberating through the walls... that's me.
  • Campbell-Finney fields: (The astro-turf just east of the stadium). This is the practice location of Princeton's Club Ultimate team, Clockwork.
  • Brown Hall: As a member of the Brown food co-op, I'll be cooking meals there weekly and eating there most nights. Fear not though, you'll still catch me in the dining hall all the time!
  • Who knows, I may even be off campus. I like to breath non-orange air from time to time. 

I'm never away long, however, and you should feel free to stop by again; there will be tea and biscuits waiting.

Concentration: Geosciences

Certificate: Computer Science (Applications of Computing)

Where I call home: Scarborough, England

Fun Facts: This moose flew across the atlantic,// To study rocks: sedimentary and volcanic,// They made him an RA,// So in Mathey he stays,// While his grades sink like the titanic.