Kandace Rosser '19

Email Address: 

Concentration: English

Certificates: Teacher Preparation

Hi! My name is Kandace and I'm from South Carolina. I'm an English major with a certificate in Teacher Preparation and hopefully Creative Writing. I have many dreams in life but my top three are to publish novels, be a teacher, and to help reform the American education system. I enjoy reading, writing, and getting boba with my friends. On campus I have two jobs, am the treasurer for the Student Grief Group on campus, am co-president of the Russian Undergraduate Student Association (I'm not Russian--just studying the language), and the Scholars Institute Fellowship Program. 

I'm an FSI almumni and have changed my major three times. I'm always up to talk about anything and am a big fan of bubble tea and starbucks, so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to talk! :) 

Favorite Classes

POL 380: Human Rights - An amazing class that discusses five major genocides and why genocides happen.

ENG 205: Poetry - An interesting seminar about the foundations of poetry. 

HIS 211: The World from Antiquity to the 1800s - A great history lecture with plenty of interesting facts about civilizations. 

CWR 203: Intro to Fiction Writing - A great class even for those who aren't interested in writing. You get to improve your writing skills and also read the work of your peers.