Kieran Murphy '19

Email Address:


Concentration: AB Politics

Certificate: History and the Practice of Diplomacy

Study Abroad: Summer internship at the Danish Institute for Human Rights in Copenhagen

Hey all! My name is Kieran, and I hail from Fruitland, Maryland (contrary to popular belief, there are a lot more cows and cornfields in Fruitland than fruit). I'm a politics major focusing on human rights, development, the Middle East, and statistics. On campus, I sing with Shere Khan a Cappella, play drums and keys with the Princeton University Rock Ensemble, and act with the Princeton University Players.

I'm always down to get coffee or a meal! Feel free to reach out to me about anything, especially if you're interested in the social sciences, studying a near eastern language, considering the performing arts, or just want to chat.

Favorite Courses:

POL 380: Human Rights—Taught by Gary Bass, easily the best lecturer I've had here. Really good overview of human rights theory and international human rights history.


POL 388: Causes of War—Also taught by Bass. Tough but rewarding class, incredibly well taught. I think the highest rated class in the politics department and one of the highest rated at the university.


POL 346: Applied Quantitative Analysis—Fun and topical stats “boot camp”. You start out not even knowing how to use the programs you work with and end up being able to look at a full dataset knowing exactly what to do with it. Very well taught.


AST 205: Planets in the Universe—Fun STN, taught by Gaspar Bakos, who is more eager to share his knowledge than just about any professor I've had. Geared mostly toward non-STEM majors and involves early morning and late night “star parties” as well as independent stargazing.