Mathini Vaikunthan '19

Joline Hall
Entryway 2
Email Address:

Hey there Moose! My name is Mathini, which seems like a cosmic joke because it spells "Math in I" and I am tragically not great at math. Thankfully, I finished all the required math classes for my major, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and the Global Health Policy certificate does not require any extra math! I'll be the Joline 2 RCA, but anyone is welcome to stop by Joline 223 for tea and snacks. You can catch me laughing at bad puns, making bad puns, running on the Towpath, running late to 8:30am lectures, and volunteering with the PACE center. I hope you stop by, say hi, and enjoy your time in the best residential college on campus!

Concentration: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Certificates: Global Health Policy, Engineering Biology

Where I call home: New Jersey

Fun Facts:

1. I learned how to dance salsa in the Engineering Building of the University of Puerto Rico last summer.

2. The most famous person I have met was Bill Ritter from Channel 7 news aka I haven't meet many famous people. 

3. I have lived in NJ most of my life, but I was born in Sri Lanka