Megan Chung


Concentration: Chemistry

Certificate: Global Health and Health Policy

Hello! I'm Megan from North Little Rock, Arkansas, but Mathey has been the best home away from home. I came into Princeton considering a major in Music or Chemistry, but I've always been on the pre-medical track, so I'm very familiar with the pre-med route from both the "traditional pre-med science major" and "nontraditional humanities major" perspectives. 

On campus, I play bass with the Princeton University Orchestra and the Princeton Chamber Orchestra, and dabble with musical theater with the Princeton University Players. I am also a tutor with McGraw and research in the Chemistry department. Another one of my passions is hanging with Princeton students and sharing advice, so feel free to contact me! I'd love to take you to coffee to discuss coursework, the pre-med track, or your deepest darkest secrets.

Favorite Courses:

EEB 211 - Life on Earth: Wonderful lectures change the way you look at humans, dinosaurs, plants, and everything in between. The labs are some of the most engaging and fun (and trust me, I've taken many of STLs!)

SPA 205 - Medical Spanish: An insightful course on health care within Hispanic communities, in the States and in Central/Latin American countries. You expand your Spanish abilities, practice primary health care vocabulary, and even go into the community and interact with ESL members of the New Jersey community.

MUS 213 - Projects in Instrumental Chamber Performance: Get course credit to make great music with great people. Audition required, but highly recommended if you have experience in classical music performance.