Michelle Greenfield '18

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Email Address: 

Concentration: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 

Certificate: Environmental Studies 

Hi everyone! I'm Michelle, Princeton's most famous dolphin whisperer. I love all things ocean related, so if you can't find me wandering around the halls of Mathey College or studying in Lewis library, odds are that I'm probably scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, or going hunting for seashells on Alexander Beach. (although I've never actually found any there...) I'm majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a certificate in Environmental Studies. I have a passion for animal puns and bad jokes. (Why are teddy bears never hungry? Because they're always stuffed!) My music playlist consists of Disney, Show Tunes, and Spanish pop, so if you love singing along to "Despacito" or "Defying Gravity," "you've got a friend in me"! On campus, I'm editor-in-chief of our yearbook the Nassau Herald, an Orange Key tour guide, setter for the club volleyball team, tutor for McGraw, president of the pre-vet society, and former vice president of the Center for Jewish Life (CJL). I'm super excited for this year and having the opportunity to get to know you all. If you're in the Mathey dining hall, or for that matter anywhere else on campus, please be sure to reach out and say hi!

Favorite Courses:

  • EEB 346 - Ecology of Coral Reefs - In this amazing class part of the ecology and evolutionary department's study abroad program in Panama, you get to snorkel and swim with fish every day. (And if you're lucky see dolphins and turtles!) 
  • ART 251 - Architecture at Princeton University - I learned so many fun facts about our campus thanks to the lectures about and the tours of the various buildings on campus. 
  • ENV 357 - Empire of the Ark: The Animal Question - This seminar focused on different aspects of animals (pets, zoos, cognition...) through literature, poems, art, movies, and class discussion. 
  • COM 370 - Topics in Comparative Literature (Performing the Planet) - This interdisciplinary seminar looked at aspects of environmental science, particularly climate change, through the use of plays, novels, movies, art, and visiting speakers.