Minh-Thi Nguyen '21

Email Address: 

Concentration: Physics

CertificateApplied and Computational Mathematics, Machine Learning and Statistics

Hi everyone! I'm Minh-Thi Nguyen, and I'm a junior from Seal Beach, California. I'm a Physics major and getting certificates in Applied and Computational Mathematics, and Machine Learning and Statistics. On campus, I'm the Co-Director of IgniteSTEM, an organization through the E-Club dedicated to bringing project based learning to education thought leaders in their classrooms through a series of conferences across the world each year. In addition, I'm a McGraw Tutor, OA Leader, volunteer for Petey Greene, photographer for the Lewis Center, and was on the Club Tennis and Rugby teams. In my free time, I enjoy going on runs by the nature trails close to campus, playing piano, reading memoirs, traveling, trying new foods, and just hanging out with people in general! :) I'm super excited to meet and get to know you all! Always feel free to reach out to me at any time when you want to talk about academics, Princeton, or just life in general. I'm here for you!

Favorite courses:

FRS 167 - Neuroethics with Professor Charles Gross: Dr. Gross is an incredible and highly accomplished professor in his field who engages his students to discuss important philosophical questions today about new developments in neuroscience and biotech; in addition to learning about these issues and learning to approach them by thinking critically by studying specific case studies, I was also able to pursue my own interests through our independent projects. For instance, I was able to research, learn, and discuss brain differentiation in genders and how that affects gender gaps and politics in current society, as well as autism diagnosis and how current developments in technology are affecting patients and diagnosis.

THR201 - Introduction to Acting: This class was one of the most valuable courses I have taken at Princeton. Although I have been involved with various theater productions on campus, this class taught me not only the basics of acting methods, but also how to be confident and comfortable with my body, while also integrating techniques for public speaking in a very immersive, interactive environment with other students in the class.

PHY105 - Classical Mechanics (with Lagrangians): Although it may seem absurd for anyone to list a physics course as one of his or her favorite classes, this class truly changed my perspective in physics and the world in general during my Freshman year. I remember numerous moments throughout the class when my jaw just dropped from utter awe at how complex dynamical systems can be simply predicted by an equation that seemingly has no physical intuition. This class was the first physics class that I truly enjoyed and inspired me to major in physics.