Morgan Bell '19

Email Address:

Concentration: Politics

Certificates: Gender and Sexuality Studies & History and the Practice of Diplomacy

Hi! My name is Morgan Bell and I am from Horsham, PA (about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia). In my free time I enjoy going on runs, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, and watching Netflix. On campus I am the president of Tigers for Israel, I copy edit for The Daily Princetonian, and I have a job through Campus Rec, and I also have an internship with campaign of one of the candidates for New Jersey Governor off campus. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about any of the activities I participate in, my academic interests, Princeton in general, or anything else you can think of!

Favorite Courses:

POL 320 - Policy Making in America: so fascinating to be able to explore the politics behind making policy

HIS 384 - Gender and Sexuality in Modern America: studied how understandings of gender and sexuality have changed throughout modern American history taught by an awesome professor

POL 332 - Topics in American Statesmanship (The Successful President): a seminar taught by a visiting professor that changes each year but this year it was about how to evaluate whether a president is successful or not and how to establish criteria for such an evaluation

HIS 361 - The United States Since 1974: an incredible course taught by an amazing professor about such an important and interesting part of American history that we often don't have the opportunity to learn about in high school