Natalia I Córdova Sánchez

Director of Studies, Mathey College
Office Phone
315 Hamilton Hall

Hi everyone, and welcome to Mathey!

I am excited to serve you as your Director of Studies. I am here to help you achieve your academic and personal goals, especially throughout your first two years at Princeton University. I work with a team of PAAs, RGSs, faculty advisers, and the rest of the Mathey College staff to see you thrive. You can always reach out to me with any questions, big or small, or just to chat :).

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but I come to Princeton University from Yale, where I taught in the Psychology Department and advised all students majoring in Cognitive Science. Before moving to New Haven, I was here at Princeton, where I did my PhD in Neuroscience. In addition to studying the brain, I worked as a learning consultant at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, taught Ways of Knowing in FSI, worked for SIFP, served as an RGS for First College, and taught group fitness classes at Dillon Gym. After I completed my PhD, I stayed at Princeton and served as a lecturer in the Writing Program, where I taught a Writing Seminar called How We Learn.

My main academic interests revolve around the science of learning, which I’d love to talk with you about! While much of the work in Neuroscience considers what is similar across all people (such as how people in general learn, think, feel), I know that each students’ experience is unique and that your set of identities (along with your interests, goals, prior experience, and so on) will influence much about your time at Princeton. I'm interested in getting to know you beyond your academic life in the traditional sense. Finally, I am driven by the belief that all of you belong here and all of you can succeed, and I’m excited to see you through it!

After a full year of working on zoom, I am thrilled to get the chance to see you around Mathey and on campus. Please sign up for meetings with me, even if only to introduce yourself and to chat :).