Natalie Wertz '18

Blair Hall
4th & 5th floors
Email Address:

Welcome to Mathey 2021! My name is Natalie, and I'm a senior from Verona, NJ (about an hour north of Princeton!). I'm a Computer Science major with certificates in Gender & Sexuality Studies and Technology & Society. In my free time on campus, I enjoy deepening my practice of yoga (Princeton has a lot of great studios), exploring campus/Nassau St., and hanging out at my eating club! Additionally, I love traveling, hiking, and all kinds of outdoors activities. Stop by any time to chat or grab some tea/desserts (I have a huge sweet tooth!!).

Concentration: Computer Science (BSE)

Certificate: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Where I call home: Verona, New Jersey

Fun Facts:

Did you know? Natalie:

1. has lived in a different place every summer during college (Providence, RI, Boulder, CO, and Sunnyvale, CA).

2. has two cats (and will def show you pics of them!)

3. practices yoga (almost) every night before she goes to bed.