Paul Horvath '20

Email Address:

Concentration: Politics

Certificate: Applications in Computing

Hi! My name is Paul Horvath and I'm a rising senior from New York City. I am concentrating in politics with a certificate in computer science, but my favorite course that I've taken here was not related to either of those: Children's Literature. On campus I was involved in Mathey College Council (go moose!), I'm a McGraw Tutor, and I spend a lot of time at the Center for Jewish Life. My favorite shows to watch are The West Wing, The Office, Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother, Newsroom, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time and I just started Community and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Needless to say, I watch a lot of tv. This summer I'm having an amazing time working as a counselor at a summer camp that I have attended for the past 15 summers.

Favorite Courses:

Children's Literature (ENG 385)-It was amazing to revisit my favorite children's books (Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat etc.) and Professor Gleason was an amazing lecturer.

Constitutional Interpretation (POL 315)-Professor George was a phenomenal lecturer and I learned a lot about the Constitution and it's challenges.

Human Rights (POL 380)-Professor Bass focused on a topic that I was not very familiar with, and looked at lots of cases that were very important to understand.