Rebecca Weng '18

Email Address:

Concentration: Sociology

Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I'm from New York City. Coming from a city so full of delicious food makes me very happy as I am usually on the hunt for good food and coffee. I am also working on being a better cook, but I love baking--in particular banana bread, bundt cakes, and lemon pound cake. On campus, I am the co-editor-in-chief of the Princeton Journal of Asian American Studies, a Head Writing Center Fellow, and an orientation leader. So if you have questions about Asian American Studies, the Writing Center, or have ideas for orientation, let me know!

It took me a while to adjust to Princeton, but now I really love it, and I can't believe I'm a senior! I took a while exploring different departments and majors, and am so excited by the work in Sociology about social networks and the interaction between technology and society. Feel free to reach out to me about anything!

Favorite Courses:

  • COS 217 - Introduction to Programming Systems. The class was time consuming, but I felt that I really became a better coder. The final assignment, which was to write our own shell was challenging, but so rewarding!
  • NEU 202 - Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience. While NEU 201 was mainly about memorization, NEU 202 was based on experiments, reading published articles, and understanding key concepts and experimental design. You also learn interesting things like why babies smile when you smile at them. The course staff (Prof. Norman and many guest professors) were incredibly energetic and excited about the topics.
  • POL 346 - Applied Quantitative Analysis. This is the course after POL 345, and I personally felt that I learned so much more in POL 346. The course staff (Prof. Wasow) were so wonderful. Professor Wasow really cared for his students, and worked hard to make the course an enjoyable bootcamp. This course made me so much more comfortable with using statistics in my independent work.
  • I also have enjoyed a number of sociology courses, but this list would be much longer, so feel free to reach out!