Residential College Leadership Team (RCLT)

The Mathey Residential College Leadership Team joins representatives from across the college, including RCAs, PAAs, RGSs, College Council members, Pace Center Ambassadors, Peer Health Advisors, LGBTQIA Peer Educators, Carl A. Fields Center Fellows, SHARE Peers, and Peer Career Advisors. The main purpose for this partnership is to provide opportunities for more collaboration among a number of peer adviser/educator groups on campus and present them as an integrated set of resources. Our goal is to raise awareness about the roles each of these units plays within Mathey College and to work with one another to develop integrated programming that promotes social engagement, academic exploration, health and wellness, professional development, and diversity in our community. 

Interested in partnering with the RCLT? Have an idea for a program? Click here, fill out the form, and we will contact you within 24 hours: 

Need advice on your resume? Want to run internship or job ideas by your peers? Walk into PCA (Peer Career Advisor) office hours this semester:

  • Monday, December 11th from 8-10 PM (table on 100 level of Frist)
  • Tuesday, December 12th from 8-10 PM (table on 100 level of Frist).


RCLT Members:



Peer group

David Liu


Jackie Dragon


Eric Flora


Megan Chung

Peer Academic Adviser

Becca Weng

Peer Academic Adviser - Alternate

Kristen Starkowski

Resident Graduate Student

Pellumb Reshidi


Resident Graduate Student - Alternate



Pace Center Ambassador

Anagha Prasana

Peer Health Adviser

Natalya Rahman

SHARE Peer Adviser - Alternate

Kadence Mitchell

LGBTQIA Peer Educator



Carl A. Fields Center Fellow

Annabelle Tseng


Elaine Fang

Peer Career Adviser

Paul Horvath

College Council representative

Taylor Mills

College Council representative - Alternate

Hanna Snider

Resident Graduate Student

Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to