Simi Prasad '19

Email Address:

Concentration: Psychology 

Certificate: Creative Writing

Hi, I'm Simi! I'm a junior concentrating in Psychology with an intended certificate in Creative Writing, Screenwriting. Despite my strong American accent, I grew up in London, England; if you don’t believe me, just ask me how I pronounce “literature”. On campus, I am the VP of the HighSteppers, Princeton’s ~premier~ step team (which you should all try out for). I also served on the Mathey College Council for two years, so I can assure you that Mathey is the BEST res college. In my free time, I like to paint, write, dance, and eat baked goods - the way to my heart is through a mean apple pie.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about psychology, creative writing, dance on campus, Mathey, or anything in general (even if you’re not one of my zees)! 

Favorite Classes:

  • SOC 223 Hustles and Hustlers 
    • Amazing lectures. Professor Ferguson’s life is wild. 
  • COS 126 Intro to Computer Science 
    • I was nervous to take this class at first, but I learnt loads that I’ve already applied to other classes.
  • CWR 405 Advanced Screenwriting: Writing for Television 
    • Professor Lazaridi is incredible to work with and we explored some really exciting material (also, your homework is to watch TV what’s not to like).
  • PHI 203 Intro to Metaphysics and Epistemology 
    • Mind blown. Now I’m convinced we live in the Matrix.