Stacey Sinclair

Head of Mathey College
Professor of Psychology

Welcome to Mathey College! The superb staff and I truly hope Mathey feels like a home away from home for each of our students.

I am originally from New York City but grew up in Southern California. You can tell this about me because I start shivering at the first sign of winter and my “valley girl” accent comes out when I am talking to old friends. I studied Psychology and Economics as an undergraduate at Stanford University and then did my PhD in Psychology at UCLA. I came back to the east coast to teach at the University of Virginia for eight years before joining the faculty at Princeton.

I am currently a Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, as well as Associated Faculty in African American Studies. This means that when I am not at Mathey, I am hanging out the undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs in my lab, where we study intergroup relations. I have taught a number of courses at Princeton, but I am most likely to see you in Prejudice: Its Causes, Consequences and Cures. The topic can be controversial and downright depressing at times, but I think it is important and interesting.

I am sure you will see my husband, Joseph Barnes, and my son, Marshall in the dining hall. Please feel free to say “Hi” or have a meal with us. In addition, I am happy to meet for coffee, a meal, a walk, or just a chat. You can also pop by my Mathey College office (315 Hamilton Hall).

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