Steven Lestition

Dean of Mathey College
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315 Hamilton Hall


As dean, I have several responsibilities. Together with the Mathey director of studies (Dr. Cordova), I support Mathey students across all four years in achieving their academic goals—whether that be through individual conversations, through assisting Mathey’s team of faculty advisers (see the “Academic Adviser” page on this website), through working with Department Representatives and administrators, through recommending tutoring or consultations on study skills, or simply by approving extensions to course or university deadlines when a student falls ill or experiences a family emergency. A second responsibility is to coordinate of the team of dean, director of studies and director of student life (Dr. Cepin) at Mathey, so that we stay in touch with the full range of student concerns and experiences, from academics, to residential life, to extracurricular experiences. Finally, and in that connection, we three work with the Head of Mathey College (Professor Stacey Sinclair) and the college administrator to make the college as comfortable a residential home, and as stimulating a social environment, as it possibly can be. 

I came to Princeton in 1993 after teaching history and interdisciplinary social sciences at the University of Chicago, University of California-San Diego, and Smith College.  In my years at Princeton, I've taught Freshman Seminars, Writing Seminars, a junior-year seminar in History, and precepted in history survey courses.  As I was completing my PhD. in the field of modern German and French intellectual and cultural history, I also worked as what was called a resident head in several of the undergraduate dormitories at Chicago.   That, plus the experience I had as a resident adviser (aka RCA) while an undergrad, made the transition to being first a director of studies and then dean at Mathey a comfortable one. 

Outside the office, I enjoy attending classical music concerts and operas with my wife, cooking and gardening, travel, and a pretty regular exercise routine of jogging and gym workouts. It's also been a pleasure to be an Academic Athletic Fellow with Princeton’s men’s varsity soccer team for several years now.