Sylvie Thode '20

Email Address:

Concentration: English

Certificates: Humanistic Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Latin

Hi Moose! My name is Sylvie, and I am a senior in the English Department from New York City--though as a four year Mathey resident, now in the lovely Edwards Collective, Mathey has become my second home. Elsewhere on campus, I serve as a student representative on the English Department's Undergraduate Advisory Council, an intern at the Women*s Center, and a staff writer for the Nassau Literary Review. Previously, I have served as the director of the Humanities Council's Mentorship Program (ask me anything about HUM!) and as a Project Leader at Community House, where I have volunteered since freshman fall. I also love running and enjoy escaping to nature at the towpath and Community Park for a weekend long run.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, even if you're not technically one of my advisees!  I'd love to grab coffee and chat sometime.

And of course... go Mathey, go Mathey, GO!

Favorite Courses:

HUM 216-219 (the Humanities Sequence); NES 240 (Muslims and the Qur'an); GLS 306 (Greece Global Seminar); ENG 405 (Contemporary Poetry)

Fun Facts:

1) I live in coffee shops but I don't actually drink coffee (a fraud, I know).

2) I've dyed my hair blue before.

3) If I had a patronus, it would be the fox currently living on Princeton's campus