Miles Wilson '22

Email Address:

Concentration: Visual Arts

Certificates: Computer Science

What's up little Moose, I'm extremely excited to welcome you to Mathey College, the Moost awesome place to live at Princeton University! My name is Miles and I'm a Junior in the Visual Arts department. I'm a member of the Princeton Men's Water Polo Team, the Treasurer of the Princeton Black Mens Association, and the co-founder of the student design collective Co-Lab. I'm always in the mood for an adventure so if you ever want to talk, walk, or honestly do anything random just let me know. Sure Princeton can get busy, but I'm a big believer in finding the time, no matter how little, to have a little fun every day!

Fun Facts:

1. I have a slight fear of butterflies.

2. I am a little bit of an insomniac, so please don't be surprised if you catch me playing pool with myself in the basement when you are on the way to the bathroom.