Tilmann Herchenröder '21

Email Address: 

Concentration: Politics

Certificates: Humanistic Studies, Statistics & Machine Learning

Hello fellow Moose, and welcome to Mathey! My name is Tilmann. As an international student from Germany, I came to Princeton knowing virtually nothing about this place but have come to love the campus (and Mathey in particular!), its people and the many opportunities it offers! I concentrate in Economics - both because I like to work with data and because I hope to learn more about how we can address some of this century’s most urgent challenges. When I'm not trying to focus on a problem set in Firestone Library, you can often find me in McGraw where I work both as a Tutor and a Learning Consultant. Even though Princeton gets busy at times, I make sure to have unscheduled time which I use to hang out with my friends, read and drink (too much) coffee.

Fun facts:

1. I will always think that the plural of Moose is Meese.

2. If I say something that sounds strange in English it's probably because I don't actually know what some of the words mean - but I'm too lazy to look them up.

3. I speak both some Wolof and some Swahili.

4. I didn't really know Princeton existed till 2015 - the year I applied!