Yash Patel '18

Email Address: 

Concentration: Economics

Certificate: Global Health and Health Policy

Study Abroad: I never studied abroad, but I did research in Brisbane, Australia, for 10 weeks the summer after freshman year (it was through the International Internship Program).

Hey y’all! My name is Yash, and I hail from Dallas, Texas. I’m concentrating in Economics with a certificate in Global Health and Health Policy, and I’m passionate about the following (in no particular order): Mexican food, the US health care system, loud electronic music, bananas, word games, and wearing Princeton gear at the airport. On campus, I am involved in Class Government, the Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal, and hospice volunteering.

In addition, I am a student representative for the Global Health and Health Policy Program, so don’t hesitate to reach out about the certificate. Or about Economics. Or about the amazing resources Princeton has to offer. Or about your favorite EDM. Or about how you also miss fajitas.

Favorite Courses:

ENG 312 – Chaucer: an incredible seminar course with deep analysis of the ever-hilarious The Canterbury Tales

ECO 313 – Econometric Applications: a well-taught and extremely useful must-take class in the Economics Department

SPA 209 – Spanish Language and Culture through Cinema: taught by passionate professors who will whip your spoken Spanish into shape and you get to watch amazing films each week too!

EEB 306 – Human Evolution: an engaging course on the origins of humanity that actually took a group of us to Kenya for spring break