Zach Feig '18

Joline Hall
Entryway 1
Email Address:

Hey Mathey!!! I'm so excited to welcome you to Princeton's absolute best Res College! My name is Zach Feig, and I'll be RCAing in Jolie 112! (Come visit me! I have tea and snacks!!) Personally, I started out in Wilson, but I got to Mathey as fast as I could! I'm from Birmingham, Alabama, and I'm majoring in Molecular Biology with a certificate in Computer Science. With this degree I hope to pursue my dream of doing many cool and unrelated things!

Outside of class, I'm on the club Taekwondo team, the Religious Life Council, and I am the president of the Prestigious Cheese and Bad MoFavorite Princeton classes:vies Club. (Y'all better come for 'Rubber' - a horror movie about a sentient tire that kills people with its mind - we'll be serving $300 of exotic cheeses!) I also enojoy acting, reading, swimming, wasting time on the Internet, and dabbling in new things! Princeton is an amazing place for dabbling. Since enrolling I've dabbled in theater, Hindi, history, religious studies, modern African art, tailoring, pottery, yoga, graphic design, and quite a few other things. 

I can't wait to meet all of you! My door is always open, and my room - as I mentioned before - is always stocked with tea and snacks! I'll see you soon!

Fun Facts: 

Favorite Books: American Gods by Neil Gaiman, The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom, The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, and Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Ideal Day: Turn off all my electronics, sleep in late, bake something for brunch, read till mid-afternoon, hit the gym, swim in the pool, cook a simple but creative dinner, watch a movie with a friend on a comfy couch on a good TV. 

Favorite Princeton Classes: 

THR 201 Beginning Studies/Acting: Scene Study

COS 126 General Computer Science

SPA 209 Spanish Language and Culture Through Cinema

GHP 301 Gender and Illness Experience in the United States

ART 261 Art and Politics in Post-Colonial Africa

NEU 301 Cellular Neurobiology

AST 203 The Universe

Favorite Thing on Camps: RCAing in Mathey :)