Live Well & Be Well @ Mathey

Welcome to Live Well & Be Well @ Mathey!  The focus of this program is to empower students and inspire a healthy lifestyle and sense of well-being. We recognize that this is an active, ongoing process.  And, we do not expect you to figure it out all on your own.

In order to support Matheyites, we are proud to offer a variety of informal and formal student-centered wellness programs and experiences throughout the year.  These will all be under the umbrella of Live Well & Be Well @ Mathey.

This is a fun, creative, inclusive program that allows Mathey students to learn and practice lifelong healthy habits.   We will support you in building life skills in a wide range of areas, including nutrition, sleep, stress, mindfulness, and physical activity.  We aim to make healthy lifestyle choices more appealing and socially accepted.

Key goals for Live Well & Be Well @ Mathey:

  • Enjoy frequent, fun, safe, and effective stress-busting activities – all available at Mathey locations near you.
  • Optimize your sleep habits and learn how to stay well-rested.
  • Learn how to build mindfulness strategies, allowing you to be more aware of the present moment
  • Develop and improve self-monitoring skills in order to better cope with the demands of college life.

We don’t expect you to figure it out all on your own!  Throughout the semester we’ll offer a variety of formal and informal activities that will empower you to build practical skills in the areas of nutrition, sleep, stress management, and mindfulness.  We will also have special giveaways, fun events, educational materials, and wellness workshops.  

Here is a peek at some the types of programs we have in store:

  • Relaxation Station
    • A designated spot in Mathey where you can decompress and enjoy puzzles and other games, either alone or with friends, 24/7. 
    • On a regular basis, we will also offer special stress busting workshops and activities that you can only find at Mathey. Examples may include a hangout session with therapy dogs or a night of sand play. 
  • Get Woke to Wellness—And Keep on Sleeping
    • Get a better night’s sleep with giveaways in our sleep kit as well as tips and strategies for better quality rest.
  • Wellness table
    • Join us for dinner on Wellness Wednesdays with a regular table with Health Coach Karen Nathan, who is also a Mathey Fellow, to discuss healthy habits.
    • Learn to cook healthy and delicious dishes with Karen through the Cooking Club, starting in Mathey soon!
  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitudeand other mindfulness workshops:
  • Mood Olympics
    • Get a handle on the difference between every day stress and what it looks and feels like when it crosses over into anxiety or depression.
  • Cold weather survival kit
    • As the season changes, take advantage of this free kit. It will contain tips and strategies for keeping well, and we’ll fill it with practical items to help you bounce back from the common cold.

Balancing your personal well-being with the demands of Princeton life can be tough at times, but it is absolutely doable.  Allow us to guide and support you as you figure out how to Live Well & Be Well @ Mathey